7 things I would do if I were Product Manager of Make My Trip

Make My trip is certainly a dream company for me to work with due to my passion for traveling, exploring, and discovering are never ending. It was my first solo trip recently with Make My Trip which experience I can never forget. MMT is a company that you can trust, and it will assure that your trip is memorable.

Here are few ideas that I would love to suggest to Make My Trip.

  1. Passionate Traveler — Building a passionate traveler community and encourage/inspire people through their travel stories and create a passionate travel program.
  2. Bicycle Tour — MMT can launch this as a program and endorse this to the passionate bicycle riders who won the Guinness world record. The youth would be interested in going on such adventurous trip that will connect and revive them from within. This concept is more popular in foreign countries compared to India.
  3. High Altitude Expeditions — There are many adventure consultants with whom MMT can connect and initiate this program. This could be youth-based program. Many youngsters love hiking, and they normally end up hiking the nearby mountains. But if there is trustworthy guidance and source one can surely explore.
  4. City Tour Bus — MMT do not have city tour bus concept. Wherever you land MMT city tour bus will take you to the places within that city. It can be readily done in business hub cities like Dubai or Singapore.
  5. Off-beat Customized Travel — Discovering the places which are never seen before to get earthy experience.
  6. Sports & related Events — MMT can arrange travel related to sports. For example, to IPL match/football mega event/Olympic /commonwealth games. Stay and roam around included
  7. Educational tour — Related to topics such as Photography, culinary, Politics, city administration, History, and other educational/skill purpose



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